Do I Need REAL ID?


How do I obtain an Oklahoma ID card?
Downtown Tulsa Tag AgencyA first-time Oklahoma identification card requires an approved primary and secondary forms of identification. If you are changing your name because of marriage, a copy of your marriage certificate is also required. Paperwork will be issued that may be taken to a local motor license agency were the Oklahoma identification card will be issued for a fee.

To renew an Oklahoma identification card, present your current identification card and an approved secondary form of identification . If you are changing your name because of marriage, a copy of your marriage certificate is also required. The motor license agent will issue the Oklahoma identification card for a fee.

Where can I get a driver’s manual to study for the driving test?
The driving manual can be viewed or downloaded from the Department of Public Safety’s website. Click Here to go to view or download the manual.

Downtown Tulsa Tag Agency Photo CounterHow to I obtain a copy of a lost title?
Simply complete an Application for Duplicate Title (Form 701-7) and mail or deliver to 201 W. 5th Street, Tulsa, OK, 74103. The Application is available for downloading from the Motor Vehicle Forms section of the OK Tax Commission web site, or may be obtained at 201 W. 5th Street, Tulsa, OK, 74103.
The duplicate title fee is set with an added mail fee (if applicable). Either current Oklahoma registration, or proof of the record owner’s out of state residency, is required.

My mother passed away and left me her car.
How do I change the title over to me?
If the vehicle (identified by V.I.N.) was left to you in the deceased’s will, the will must first be probated (unless the value of the estate was under a certain amount. In that event, contact a tag agent or the Motor Vehicle Division for assistance) before any action will be allowed. Once probated, you may present the letters testamentary issued by the court and awarding you the vehicle, along with a copy of the deceased’s death certificate, to any tag agency to transfer ownership of the vehicle into your name.If the deceased left no will and you are entitled to the vehicle (no other party has a superior claim), you may obtain and complete appropriate title transfer documentation at any tag agency. In addition to these documents, you will be required to provide a copy of the deceased’s death certificate.

Downtown Tulsa Tag Agency License and Passport PhotosI just bought a new truck.
How do I figure what I will owe for tag, title and tax?
Vehicle excise tax and registration fee computations are outlined in the Motor Vehicle Information section of the OK Tax Commission web site and may be used as a general guideline of the amounts that will be due. To arrive at a specific amount, you may contact theMotor Vehicle Division, or Tulsa Tag at 918-582-TAGS, with the specific information (i.e. Vehicle Identification Number; Purchase Price & Date; Registration Classification, etc.).

Downtown Tulsa Tag Agency Tag CounterWhat happens if I pay my tag late? Is there any penalty?
Delinquent registration penalties vary, depending upon the situation (i.e. new vehicle purchase; registration renewal; etc.) and vehicle registration classification (noncommercial; commercial; etc.). For newly purchased vehicles, penalties will apply on the thirty-first (31 st) following ownership assignment. For renewal of existing registrations, penalties will normally apply one month following the registration expiration month. You may contact the Motor Vehicle Division, or call us directly at 918-582-TAGS, for specific penalty applications.

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